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arGentis Pharmaceuticals

arGentisTM Pharmaceuticals, LLC is a private Tennessee based pharmaceutical company with a mid-stage Orphan Drug treatment (ARG201) for late stage diffuse systemic scleroderma (dcSSc). The company is seeking an investor; or a partnership or development collaboration with a lager pharmaceutical company; or being acquired in order to complete clinical trials and deliver the treatment to market. The firm currently has completed Phase I and Phase IIa US clinical trials and is positioned to begin its next clinical trial. Results from the Phase IIa trial indicated that the late-stage patients, as opposed the early-stage patients are likely to respond to ARG201.

arGentisTM has identified a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) which indicates which patients will respond to ARG201. This SNP is labeled ROT1 and identifies which dcSSc patients will respond to ARG201. The Company estimates there are 20,000-35,000 patients in the US and 30,000-40,000 patients in the EU, which will respond positively to treatment using ARG201. The Phase IIa trial also demonstrated the validity of using oral tolerance using ARG201 to treat SSc.

Overall, the firm is well positioned to enter into additional well-targeted clinical trials, with expected results that are favorable and promising. In addition, the firm’s a novel biomarker, ROT1, affords the personalized treatment of dcSSc, a factor that enhances patient reimbursement as well as stream lines and reduces research related costs of the clinical trials. ARG201 is a biologic and has a very good safety profile.

arGentisTM has obtained Orphan Drug designation for ARG201 for the US and EU markets and has IP protecting ARG201 and ROT1. 

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Presenter - Tom Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer

Tom has thirty plus years of successful management experience which includes experience at the CEO, CFO, and COO levels. Prior to serving as CEO of arGentisTM Pharmaceuticals, Tom was President and CEO of BEP Services, LLC a healthcare services company. Previously he served as SVP Business Development, CFO and then COO for ServiceMaster Diversified Health Services, LLC in Memphis. Earlier he served as COO for Brian Center Corporation, a rapidly growing diversified healthcare services company with approximately 50 operating subsidiaries where Tom served as CEO. Earlier he served as CFO of Brian Center Management Corporation, ATC Petroleum, Inc., and Healthcare Services Management, Inc. He holds a CPA license in North Carolina and worked on the audit staff of international CPA firm Peat Marwick Mitchel & Co. (n/k/as KPMG).

With a proven background in providing leadership for all key managers in a complex environment (professional, technical, operations, legal, compliance, human resources, risk management, property management and clinical), he has successfully managed organizations with thousands of employees and multiple locations and lines of business.

In his various positions Tom has ensured regulatory and program compliance, managed regulatory relations, marketing, development, finance & accounting, and information systems.

While CEO of arGentisTM Pharmaceuticals, Tom has completed a Series A financing as well as prepared arGentisTM to complete clinical studies on its flagship orphan drug (ARG201) for the treatment of Systemic Sclerosis. arGentisTM is currently pursuing Series B financing to continue commercialization of this product.

Specialties: Managed growing, mature, and declining businesses; experienced in operations, finance, accounting, business development, planning & budgeting, acquisition & business disposals, corporate compliance, banking relations, regulatory relations and compliance; CPA. 


Tom Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer

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